September 07, 2018

Bogalusa Mayoral Debate Held Thursday Evening

The candidates for the office of Mayor of the City of Bogalusa came together Thursday evening (September 6, 2018) at the Bogalusa High School auditorium. The candidates are Wendy O'Quinn Perrette, Doug Ritchie, James "Mack" McGehee, Brian McCree, and Tina Ratliff. The event was sponsored by the Citizens for Education and Community Improvement (CECI), moderated by Ardie Cesario, and the candidates answered questions posed by the moderator.

Each of the candidates shared information about themselves, their thoughts on issues facing the City, and some of their ideas on improving the City of Bogalusa. Cesario observed at the conclusion of the event that the candidates attacked the issues rather than attacking one another.

Click “Read More” (below the video) to view the questions.

1. Cities are judged on their appearance and cleanliness. Visitors should feel welcome and travelers should want to stay. What community initiatives or code enforcements do you plan on implementing, if any, to improve Bogalusa`s overall aesthetic? What commitments can you make to ensure ordinances and codes are fairly enforced and proper follow through is implemented?
2. In reference to jobs and businesses, what must we as a city do to see economic growth and how are you prepared to help make that growth a reality? Being that the city has financial difficulties, how do you plan to create resources and address issues where there are no funds allocated?
3.What are your views on transparency in reference to fiscal budgets, contracts, and working bids? Are you committed to monthly town hall meetings and monthly budget releases?
4. What do you feel makes you qualified to run Bogalusa efficiently and economically? What is your campaign platform and what are the top 3 priorities you intend to pursue?
5. How will you address the deficit in the city budget, including the city`s retirement fund?

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