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September 27, 2018

16 Inmates and 5 Former Washington Parish Deputies Arrested

On September 8, 2018, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office contacted Louisiana State Police Region I Detectives in reference to a criminal complaint which occurred at the Washington Parish Jail. As a result of the ongoing investigation, Troopers have secured arrest warrants for sixteen inmates and five former Washington Parish Sheriff’s Deputies on multiple charges.

Troopers discovered evidence that between July 26th and September 5th, 2018, five WPSO correctional deputies and several inmates were involved in the beating of an inmate and separate rape of another inmate. Based on the evidence obtained, Troopers secured arrest warrants for the suspects involved. On Thursday September 27, 2018, the following individuals were booked without incident into the Washington Parish Jail on the related felony charges:

22-year-old former deputy Frank Smith of Ponchatoula
 Malfeasance in office, Aggravated second degree Battery, Second degree battery

21-year-old former deputy Elliot Smith of Mandeville
 Malfeasance in office, Aggravated second degree battery

19-year-old former deputy Austin Rogers of Franklinton
 Malfeasance in office, Principal to aggravated second degree battery

48-year-old former deputy Pam Willis of Tylertown, MS
 Malfeasance in office

29-year-old former deputy John Donaldson of Franklinton
 Malfeasance in office

19-year-old Samuel White of Bogalusa (inmate)
 First degree rape, Simple battery

38-year-old Toby Walker of Bogalusa (inmate)
 First degree rape, Simple battery

Nine additional inmates were arrested and have been booked into the Washington Parish Jail for Simple battery:

 24-year-old Yamarai Brumfield of Bogalusa

 41-year-old Charles Ross of Bogalusa

 19-year-old Latrevious Lucas of Bogalusa

 25-year-old Javontay Owens of Bogalusa

 27-year-old Andre Lucas of Bogalusa

 25-year-old Russell Daniels of Franklinton  23-year-old Dakeithan Matthews of Bogalusa

 27-year-old Tremale Jenkins of Franklinton

 19-year-old Tyreef Williams of Bogalusa

Troopers have secured arrest warrants for Simple battery on the remaining five inmates:

 18-year-old Eddie Jackson of Bogalusa

 26-year-old Quenterrious McGowan of Angie

 19-year-old Kevin Crutchfield of Bogalusa

 32-year-old Deonta Lee of Franklinton

 17-year-old Jackie Spikes of Angie

“In early September I learned of an incident in the jail that I believed merited immediate investigation,” stated Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal. “To ensure a thorough and balanced independent investigation, I contacted both Louisiana State Police and the FBI. With our full cooperation, each agency investigated the incident, resulting in numerous state arrest warrants. I am grateful for the thorough investigative work performed by our fellow law enforcement agencies.”

Anyone with additional information pertaining to this incident should contact Louisiana State Police Region I Detectives at 985-542-4182.

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  1. Sad that this type of crime happens but even worse when this type of crime happens under supervision of law enforcement officials sounds like the whole shift of that working shift should face criminal charges also WPSO needs a full investigation understandable to have one bad egg in a bunch but to have that many at one time is worse if this has happened at WPSO jail what else is going on in plain site in front of public officials


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