August 28, 2018

Another Scam Alert

St Tammany Sheriff Randy Smith wants to make residents aware of a group of individuals who appear to be in the area posing as contractors in an attempt to scam homeowners.

On August 15, 2018, an elderly resident in Slidell was home alone when three white males came to her house unsolicited posing as roofing contractors. The individuals spoke very convincingly, gained the trust of the elderly homeowner and managed to enter the residence without objection.

They were trying to convince the homeowner the house needed roofing repair, when her husband returned and spoiled their attempts to scam the elderly woman. The men fled in a white Ford F150 with a black bed cover. The license plate was blocked by a piece of hanging carpet.

After the men left, the homeowners discovered jewelry missing from one of the bedrooms.
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s detectives have received similar reports from two other homeowners in the Lake Village area of Slidell. The suspects are believed to be transients who conduct these scams in numerous jurisdictions, targeting the elderly. They will steal valuables from the residence and scam homeowners out of large sums of money.

If you have information about these individuals or believe you may be a victim of their scam, please contact Detective Smith at (985) 726-7829 or call (985) 898-2338.

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