July 05, 2018

Update: Covington Police Report That Alleged Assault Not Credible

In an update of our July 3, 2018 story “Covington Police Investigating Robbery and Sexual Assault”, Covington Police are reporting that the complaint of an armed robbery and sexual assault was not credible. Investigators continued to probe the initial report, the victim’s statements and other evidence and concluded the incident did not occur. Covington Police further state that the victim's account of the attack was inconsistent with her very minor injuries and details she offered were inconsistent with the evidence at the scene. Tuesday afternoon (July 3, 2018), investigators secured an admission from the alleged victim that she made up the incident to seek attention.
“We take all reports of crime – particularly sex crimes – very seriously, and we investigate them thoroughly,” Chief Tim Lentz said. While we always believe a reporting person’s account first, we must also respect evidence that not only does not support the allegations but, as in this case, essentially refute the allegations.”
The reporting person, Dianne C. Keyle (62) of Covington, was charged with falsifying a police report, issued a summons, and released.

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