July 16, 2018

No Injuries in Magnolia's Amtrak Crash

Source: Stetson Payne and Matt Williamson |http://www.enterprise-journal.com
No one was injured after a southbound Amtrak train, with 204 passengers and 5 crew members, struck a pickup truck and camper trailer Sunday afternoon (July 15, 2018) in Magnolia.

A Ford F-150 pulling a camper westbound entered the Bay Street railroad crossing at 12:52 p.m. when the crossing gates lowered, catching the pickup on the tracks. The driver, the truck’s only occupant, jumped out and ran to the Handy Hardware store as the train hit. The impact tossed the truck’s battery and front bumper down the tracks and threw the truck into a track-side propane tank.
The crash damaged one propane line and caused a significant leak, but the gas did not ignite before a valve was closed. Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said the propane tanks belong to CN Railroad, which owns the tracks, and they are usually empty during the summer.

The Magnolia and McComb fire departments responded to the accident. A transportation safety board reconstruction team will visit the site Monday.

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