June 14, 2018

WPSO Patrol Deputy Seizes Drugs and Semi-Automatic Weapon

While patrolling on Spring Valley Road south of Bogalusa on May 25, 2018, Deputy Tyler Lindsey used radar to clock a speeding vehicle and pursued the vehicle which entered the parking lot of an apartment complex. When the driver was asked if he had any weapons, he appeared to be very nervous and admitted a rifle was in the trunk. A Stag Arms semi-automatic weapon was retrieved along with two magazines. In addition, illegal pills were seized from the glove compartment.
Marcus Anton Mark (23) of Sandy Hook, Mississippi was charged speeding, possession of Schedule 4 drugs, and possession of controlled dangerous substances with a weapon present. He spent three days in jail before being released on a $5,000 bond.
“Another weapon and more illegal drugs removed from our parish,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “It is always gratifying for this Sheriff when that happens. Thank you, Deputy Lindsey, for your good work.”

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