May 23, 2018

Bogalusa Man Gets 30 Years for Rape of 5 Year-Old

District Attorney Warren Montgomery reports that Donald R. Stone, 64, of Bogalusa pleaded guilty Monday (May 21, 2018) to the second degree rape of a victim under 13. District Judge William Knight sentenced Stone to 30 years in prison.
Between January 1 and April 26 in 2016, Stone raped a 5-year-old girl. The child ultimately disclosed the crime to her mother, who contacted law enforcement authorities.  The case was investigated by the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.
The victim and her family supported the terms of the plea. Assistant District Attorney Jason Cuccia prosecuted the case.


  1. Waste of taxpayers money what happened to gun lines and the chair doesn’t deserve to live out the rest of his life on taxpayers tab should have an express lane to execution for people that does something like this to an angel child like that couldn’t even fight back