March 12, 2018

Bogalusa Police Arrest Wilmer Couple on Drug Charges

Bogalusa Police responded Thursday (March 8, 2018 to a call of a male and female who
appeared to be intoxicated in the 400 block of Avenue B. Prior to the officers' arrival, the couple had left the scene in a  white Chevrolet Suburban. BPD officers located the Suburban at Plaza Street and Avenue B and made a traffic stop after the driver failed to use a turn signal. 
Officers the driver, Brian E. Varnado of Wilmer, for his drivers license and proof of insurance. His license had been suspended. Varnado gave verbal consent to search his vehicle for illegal contraband. A black case inside the vehicle contained several small baggies, a cutoff straw, scale and a baggie that contained several pieces of clear pieces of rock like substance, suspected of being crystal meth. Officers also located a glass pipe commonly use for smoking illegal drugs and suspected marijuana.
Both Varnado and his passenger, Tabitha L. Roberts (31) of Wimer were charged with numerous drug charges and Varnado was additionally charged with traffic violations.

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