March 02, 2018

Bogalusa: Owner Interrupts Burglary of His Vehicle

The Bogalusa Police Department received a call Tuesday (February 27, 2018) about a vehicle burglary in the 600 block of Columbia Street in Bogalusa.
The owner of the vehicle said, while inside a business on S. Columbia Street, he looked outside  and saw someone open the door of his vehicle.  The vehicle owner ran outside and yelled at the suspect to get away from his vehicle.  The suspect ran off without taking any contents from the vehicle.  The suspect was described as a black male with twist or braids in his hair.
A citizen told responding officers that the suspect was hiding in a wooded area between S. Columbia Street and Martin L. King Drive. Officers located the suspect, he ran east on E. 5th Street, and was apprehended a short time later near an apartment complex on E 6th St.
Keaton Johnson (18) of Bogalusa was charged with Vehicle Burglary, Resisting an Officer and Illegal Carrying of a Firearm.

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