March 27, 2018

Bogalusa Man Arrested - Large Quantity of Meth Seized

Armed with a search warrant, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force, accompanied by agents from the DEA, searched a Bogalusa residence on Tuesday of last week (March 20, 2018). Slightly less than one kilo of methamphetamine was seized, along with a smaller amount of marijuana and resident Aaron Bertram Johnson (42) was charged with one count of distribution of Schedule One drugs, two counts of distribution of Schedule Two drugs, criminal neglect of family (non-support) and failure to honor a written promise. He was released from the parish jail on March 23 after posting a $111,000 bond.
Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “Once again we combined with our Drug Enforcement Administration partners to remove a drug dealer from the streets of our parish. Good investigative work developed enough evidence to obtain the search warrant and to shut down Mr. Johnson’s illegal drug operation. Good job, Drug Task Force and DEA. I am so pleased with all you are doing for our parish.”

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