October 11, 2017

Bogalusa Squirrel Hunter Rescued from Swamp

A Bogalusa squirrel hunter was rescued from the Pearl River canal swamp late Monday night (October 9, 2017) after becoming lost in the woods. The elderly hunter launched his boat at Poole’s Bluff, traveled south down the canal and went into the woods to hunt. As dark settled, he became disoriented and was unable to find his way back to the canal and his boat.
When the hunter failed to arrive back home after dark, his wife drove to Poole’s Bluff, saw her husband’s truck and trailer still in the parking lot and notified the WPSO who responded along with a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agent. While searching, two gunshots were heard and the search was directed in that direction.
The hunter was located, he was safe, and the hunter followed the Wildlife and Fisheries boat back to the landing.
Sheriff Randy Seal praised the work of his detectives and the Wildlife and Fisheries agent and advises hunters to hunt with a companion, keep a cell phone on their person, and let someone know exactly where they will be hunting. 

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