August 16, 2017

WP Road Crews Getting it Done!

Once again, Washington Parish Road Supervisor Donnell Merritt reported on the amazing amount of work performed that contributes to keeping our communities safe and looking good. Supervisor Merritt, President Thomas, and a number of the Councilmen commended the road crew.
During the month of July, the road crews put out 36 tons of cold mix on 18 roads covering 38 miles, put out 397 tons of hot mix on 14 roads covering 29 miles, put in 21 culverts, graded 117 roads covering 234 miles, hauled 396 yards of gravel on 8 roads covering 18 miles, bush-hogged 165 roads covering 250 miles, picked up 138 bags of garbage on 12 roads, straightened and maintained signs on 18 roads, installed 33 signs, cleaned around 8 parish locations, sprayed around 54 bridges and signs, and blacktopped 3 roads.
Showing all of us how to get work done!

WP Road Supervisor Report July, 2017 2 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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