February 08, 2017

Bogalusa Council: Family Fest, Farmers Market, Cemetary Repairs, & Finances Discussed

The Bogalusa Council had a productive meeting Tuesday (February 7) evening, even with unnecessary "preaching" and uninformed commenting and questions that contribute to lengthy meetings. The Council
  • Heard from Jennifer Mizell with Our Lady of the Angels regarding the Second Annual Family Fest and the opening of the Farmers Market on April 1 at Goodyear Park. (beginning at about 3:00 into video of the meeting)
  • Heard from Ryan Ryan Seidemann and Christine Halling with the Louisiana Attorney General's Office regarding badly needed assistance to the Bogalusa Cemetery repair process with funds from FEMA. (beginning 10:20 into video of the meeting)
  • Adopted a resolution in furtherance of water line improvements for the Richardson Town community.
  • Introduced four ordinances that will be up for Public Hearings at the next meeting: one providing for the operation of a food truck, one providing for the operation of CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp. (D/B/A CenterPoint Energy Louisiana Gas) in the City, one authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Progressive Waste Connections, Inc., and one authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement related to work provided by Raybourn Correctional Institute.
  • Held Public Hearings on and adopted two ordinances: one implementing the collection of the 1% sales tax approved by voters on November 8, 2016 and one authorizing a $950,000 Revenue Anticipation Note (providing for operating funds until property taxes are collected, at which time the note will be paid)

The Mayor pointed out that, during her administration, reliance on a revenue anticipation note has been reduced from $1.9 million to $950,000 the last two years,  spoke about opening of the Farmers Market, and reminded everyone of upcoming Mardi Gras activities.
During Public Participation, the Council heard and responded to residents' concerns.

Bogalusa Council 02072017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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