August 05, 2023

Bogalusa Tearing Down Blighted Property

In Bogalusa, the Mayor and the Council and the public are all in support of cleaning up Bogalusa by demolishing blighted properties. 

Today (August 5, 2023), Mayor Truong posted that “We are continuing the fight against blight this week with our latest project being the demolition of Jones Grocery on Union Ave!  We have submitted a grant to tear down 25 houses across town and are in the process of condemning 75 more! If you have slum property in Bogalusa, do something about it because I’m determined to tear it all down before the end of my term.” 

Pictured are Landon Tims (Director of Community Development), Mayor Tyrin Z. Truong, and Mark Irvine (Councilman for District E).

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