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July 28, 2021

Another “Charged-Up” Mayor & Aldermen Meeting

Tuesday (July 27, 2021) evening, the Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen met and once again was a meeting that had its share of drama. 

A Public Hearing was held on Ordinance 1081 (beginning 7:15 into the video), an ordinance to adjust the fee charged for campers during the week of the Washington Parish Free Fair. The ordinance would increase the fee from $38 to $75. Several residents spoke, some opposing the ordinance and others supporting it. Following the Public Hearing, the Aldermen voted against the ordinance. Voting in support of the ordinance were Alderman Butler and Alderwoman Crain. Voting against the ordinance were Aldermen Sharp, Descant, and Spears.

After the Public Hearing and prior to the vote on Ordinance 1081, Mayor Greg Route addressed Alderman Descant about Descant's published characterization of the increased camper fee as a “money grab” by the Mayor (beginning 37:20 into the video). Calling the characterization “childish” and saying it was “as low as an Alderman or Councilman can get”, Mayor Route proceeded to compare the idea of “money grab” to those renting the campers and the Fair Association renting booths. Route also indicated that the Town of Franklinton did not benefit economically from the Fair.

In other business, 

  • the Aldermen approved a letter notifying Franklinton Area Economic Development Foundation (FAEDF) that the Town would be sending no check in 2022. Justification for the action included the need to pay for Town projects and that the FAEDF already has funds in excess of $1 Million
  • following a Public Hearing on Ordinance 1080, an ordinance to adjust water service fees for new construction, the Aldermen approved an increase
  • heard reports Public Works Supervisor Reginald McMasters and Municipal Clerk Ellen Waskom.

Following other remarks from the Aldermen and the Mayor (beginning 1:01:18 into the video), the meeting was adjourned.

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