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July 17, 2020


Omecia Buckley
March 28, 1961 - July 12, 2020

Our beautiful mother, Omecia Victoria Buckley, first arrived into this world March 28th 1961 to the Smooth, Handsome Rev Earl Buckley and lovely ray of sunshine, sophisticated Missionary Alberta Buckley. She was born at home in Mt. Hermon, LA with the assistance of a midwife, which is where she grew and resided until she began a family of her own.

This caramel macchiato was her father's shadow, from physical appearance to spiritual characteristics, she admired her parents. Her serenity and peace were when she was among her parents.

She would stray away from this feeling from time to time due to the tough love my wonderful grandparents gave her, but in her darkest hours, she always found herself right back at her parents covenant for rejuvenation.

She would always say her home away from home was when she would visit her grandparents, The gorgeous Vivian and "Darker the Berry, Sweeter the Juice" Leon Harness. This is exactly how she would describe her grandfather. He called she and her sisters his “pawpaw boys". She said he was the sweetest, most loving man on earth, and her grandmother loved him. The way she would describe it was like biting into a sweet juicy watermelon, which was one of her favorite fruits in the entire world; the love was very fulfilling and real to her.

Omecia attended Mt. Hermon High from kindergarten to High School. 1979, Our mother, graduated from high school. That was one of her proudest moments because she did not enjoy school. She had a very short attention span for things she did not enjoy but she fought through it and finished with her oldest daughter in attendance, Gabrielle Giovanna Buckley, whom was a year old cheering and reaching for her mother all at the same time.

Life as she knew it continued, Keenyata Chnoy Buckley arrived in 1981, her first son, who she adored. She always would say she wanted all boys. She felt boys were a little easier to raise, but the almighty saw different because she gave birth to her second daughter, Zenekia Shuntel Gardner in 1982, who is very passionate about standing up for what she believes in. In 1985, another daughter arrived, the baby girl, Narkeka Novatalova Buckley. She is the daughter that was attached to the hip, legs, and thighs. She gained 2 extra daughters throughout the years, who were born 1977, Lequisa Daniel Wilson and Mashanna Buckley. Lequisa and Boo, also known as Narkeka, was always somewhat entangled behind our mother's love. They both were attached and were always having pillow talks with our mother. Mashanna did not have to fight or argue behind her love because our mother would just run right into her arms for comfort.

Our Mother, did attend Delgado Community College, majoring in Business, but realized that she enjoyed being a housewife more. She was our "Marilyn Monroe".

Remember, I stated she had a short fuse for things or people she did not agree with or could not tolerate.

Now, her first love was singing, and her idol was Chaka Kan. She wanted to be a singing artist, but she settled for singing in the choir at Buckley's Temple. She was one of the lead singers. She had a very soulful voice, a voice that would rumble through your veins when she song.

One of her favorite gospel songs were "He looked beyond my faults and so my needs"...

She had an eye for decor. She could turn a house into a home. She also enjoyed planning family functions. She loved getting family together. She was working on doing a family reunion before she passed. She was the family defense attorney, she will come for your neck if you mess with any of them. She loved flowers as d├ęcor. She would always say she did not need them because we, her children and grandchildren, were her flowers. My mother was a strong, firm, and courageous lady but her family was her weakness.

Her strength and faith begin to deteriorate with each difficult life challenge she had to face, and with each family member she lost. I must mention the love she had for her sisters and brothers. She loved them dearly.

After all, Vernedia Buckley, my soul food, who passed July 3rd, is the reason why our mother is no longer with us. She grieved behind my aunt. She could not imagine life without her. They were like 2 peas in a pod, although, they would always try to run and tell daddy and momma on each other all the time, they could not live without each other. I remember her asking, "How do I move on without Nedia?” She felt lonely, they were best friends, but she is at peace now.

She leaves behind to cherish her memories: five daughters, Gabrielle G. Buckley, Zenekia S. Gardner, Narkeka N. Buckley, Lequisa Wilson, and Mashanna Buckley; one son, Keenyata Buckley; 12 grandchildren, Osjawan Buckley, Otalon Fluker, Wayne Fluker, Keiandra, Kaleb, Dimaras, Keenyata Jr., Kalie Buckley, Princess and Anthony Haley; four great-grandchildren, Mariay, Olivia, Storm Buckley and Kia'zy Fluker; two sisters, Queen E. Buckley and Helen Byrd; and brothers, Christopher, Raphael and Raymond Buckley; I must also mention Pastor Kenny Mcknight. Although you were her pastor, She loved you like a brother; two nieces, Rosheka and Jazmine Buckley; and  nephews, Alahundro Buckley, Tony and Derrick Byrd; and great nieces, nephews, cousins, and other relatives and friends.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Superintended Earl Buckley and Missionary Alberta Buckley; 3 sisters, Vernedia, Vivian, and Stella Buckley; Paternal Grandparents, Lucious Dillion and Stella Buckley; and Maternal grandparents, Leon and Vivian Harness.

A funeral service will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2020 at Lazard Temple Church of God, 15750 LA 43, Greensburg, LA 70441, beginning at 12:00 PM.

Crain and Sons Funeral Home - Franklinton are in charge of arrangements.

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