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March 02, 2020

Bogalusa Man Charged in Juvenile Pornography Case

On March 2, 2020, after wrapping up an investigation that began in June, 2019, detectives of the Bogalusa Police Department charged 46 year old Kelly L. Quinn with 2,573 counts of Possession of Pornography Involving Juveniles. Quinn was also charged with 14 counts of Possession With Intent to Distribute Pornography Involving Juveniles, and 89 counts of Production of Pornography Involving Juveniles.

According to the Louisiana State Law, if there are more that 3 different images of a child, then the crime meets the criteria for Possession with the Intent to Distribute. Also, according to Louisiana Law, if the images have been created, modified, or edited in any way, then the crime meets the criteria for Production of Child Pornography.

The juvenile victims were unidentified and appeared to be downloaded through the internet from unknown locations both national and international, and ranged in age from approximately 1 years old to approximately 16 years old. The child pornography was found on media devices that belonged to Quinn, and was found as a result of the original investigation into the rape of several adults that were under the influence of drugs.

Quinn was charged on December 3, 2019 and remains in the Washington Parish Jail on the charges of Contempt of Court, 3rd Degree Rape (2 counts), and Pornography Involving Juveniles (3 counts). Bond on those charges is set at $125,000.00.

One or more additional rape victims died prior to the onset of the investigation.

Detectives with the Bogalusa Police Department are involving the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in attempts to identify the child victims, and ascertain whether the children have been victims of human trafficking.

The Bogalusa Police Department aggressively pursues all cases involving the abuse, exploitation, or trafficking of any child.

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