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August 22, 2019

Flag Presented in Honor of Washington Parish 200th Anniversary

Seth Descant, President of the Franklinton Chamber of Commerce, and Senator Beth Mizell presented to Washington Parish President Richard N. Thomas, Jr., the United States Flag which was flown on March 6, 2019 over the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. per the request of Senator Bill Cassidy in honor of the 200th Anniversary of Washington Parish.

Click on "Read More" below the picture for the Congressional Record entry made by Senator Bill Cassidy.
Congressional Record: Proceedings and debates of the 116th congress, 
first edition, vol. 165 no 40 from March 6, 2019


 Mr. CASSIDY. Mr. President, today I wish to acknowledge the 
200th anniversary of the founding of Washington Parish in my home State 
of Louisiana. It is a parish filled with determined and patriotic 
citizens who work day in and day out to better our State and our 

  Washington Parish, named in honor of our first President, is located 
in the section of Louisiana known as the Florida Parishes. The parish 
government was founded on March 6, 1819, and a few years later, the 
town of Franklinton would become the permanent parish seat. The parish 
covers 676 square miles with the Mississippi State line serving as the 
eastern and northern borders.

  The area is rich with American history. In 1814, Andrew Jackson 
marched with his soldiers across the Pearl River and recruited many of 
the local citizens to join them in the Battle of New Orleans. The 
``Military Road'' constructed by General Andrew Jackson crossed the 
Pearl River into present-day Bogalusa. Records from the War Department 
show the future President and his troops made camp in the area on 
November 28, 1814.

  As one of the most rural parts of the State, the parish is known for 
its pine forests, rolling hills, and many farms. The people who call 
Washington Parish home are incredibly proud of their local heritage, 
good food, and for hosting the Washington Parish Free Fair, the 
Nation's largest free fair.

  I would like to wish the citizens of Washington Parish a very happy 
bicentennial and thank them for their many contributions over the last 
200 years to our beautiful State and to our Nation.

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