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May 08, 2019

Detergent Thieves Make Clean Getaway

On May 4, 2019, two thieves stole detergent from a local business on the west side of Washington Parish. The two unknown thieves entered the business and loaded up two baskets full of Gain detergent pods and attempted to leave through the front door without paying. An employee blocked one suspect from leaving the store, at which time the suspect shoved the basket into the employee with enough force to overturn the basket, spilling all of the merchandise on the floor before he fled. The fleeing suspect was bald and wore black shoes, a black tee shirt and gray camo pants.

The other suspect, an older male, then went to the rear of the store past two customers and exited through a back door, setting off the fire alarm. He had short facial hair and a tear drop tattoo near his left eye. He was wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans.

Both suspects met outside the store and unloaded the basket of detergent pods into the trunk of a gray, possibly Ford Focus, automobile. The store employee was unable to obtain a license plate number because the plate had been covered with a plastic bag.

Most likely, the thieves stole the detergent pods for resale at a reduced price. The pods are a sought after commodity whose retail price makes them desirable for theft and resale.

Any person who recognizes these men or has bought detergent pods from either of them is encouraged to call the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office detective division at (985) 661-2024. Callers may remain anonymous.

Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “Help us clean up (pun intended) Washington Parish by getting these thieves into jail where they belong. Thankfully, no one was injured in this theft, but there is always the possibility of someone getting hurt any time a crime is committed. If you know something about this crime or any other crime, please call our detectives at the number listed above.”

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  1. that looks like a 99 model ford escort to me by the tail lights I used to have a car like that


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