March 01, 2019

Two Accused of Residential Burglary by WPSO

William Earl Brumfield, Sr. (38) and Loretta Ridgedell Easterling (33), both residents of the same location on Mizell Loop Road, are in the Washington Parish Jail charged with burglary of a residence and failure to appear in court. Bond for Brumfield has been set at $12,500, while Easterling’s bond is $10,000.
Earlier this month, WPSO Lt. Chris Hickman responded to a report of the residential burglary. During the burglary, a television and money were taken. Detectives followed up and, through conversations with observant neighbors, they were able to affirm that Brumfield entered the residence while Easterling served as the getaway driver. Detectives obtained warrants for the pair and located and arrested them on February 21, 2019.

Both Brumfield and Easterling have previous arrests and stays in the Washington Parish Jail. Brumfield’s previous arrests were for distribution of illegal drugs and possession of stolen property. Easterling’s previous arrests were for failure to honor written promises and failure to appear in court.

Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “The best place for thieves is inside the Washington Parish Jail. I commend Lt. Hickman for his initial work on this case and our detectives for their persistence in identifying and arresting the thieves. This is another case of observant neighbors and law enforcement officers working together to solve a crime. This situation brings to mind an old song from the late 1950’s, the title of which was Get A Job. That is exactly what I recommend for these thieves.”

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