January 05, 2019

Bogalusa Mayor,Council, and Prosecutor Sworn Into Offices

Sworn into the offices by City Court Judge Robert J. Black at the City of Bogalusa Citizens' Inauguration on January 4, 2018 were David Merlin Duke as City Prosecutor, Wendy O'Quin-Perrette as Mayor, and City Council members Theodore Drummond, Penny Douglas, Gloria Kates, Danielle Keys, Oneita Graham, Kenny Kellis, and Mark Irvine.

The ceremony was well-attended and included many parish leaders. Each of the newly-elected office holders were given opportunity to make brief remarks and Mayor Perrette made the Inaugural Address. In her remarks, the Mayor reflected on the challenges Bogalusa has faced and called upon the Council to work hand-in-hand with her to address the challenges the City continues to face.

Prayers were made for wisdom, perseverance, strength, courage, a spirit of unity, and the removal of political rivalries and grudges.

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