November 26, 2018

Washington Parish Jail Bookings November 23-25, 2018

Jeffery Hampton was booked 11/23 on the charges of Driving Under Suspension, Obstructing Public Passage(s), Possession of Marijuana, Sale Distribution or Possession of Legend Drugs Without Prescription or Order, and Illegal Use of CDS in Presence of Person Under 17 YOA
Steve Marshall was booked 11/23 In From Court
Crenarta Baker was booked 11/24 on the charges of Attempted Theft by Shoplifting and Failure to Honor Written Promise
Thomas Bennett was booked 11/24 on the charges of Fugitive Other Jurisdiction, Contempt of Court, and Failure to Appear (2 counts)
Christopher Warren was booked 11/25 on the charge of Fugitive Other Jurisdiction

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