September 04, 2018

Franklinton Man Accused of Theft from Elderly Woman

On August 29, 2018, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested James Brumfield (20), a resident of Crape Myrtle Road in Franklinton on a charge of theft. The arrest came as a result of an investigation into bank cards which had been stolen from an elderly victim.

James Brumfield was employed as a sitter for the elderly woman to assist as she was convalescing at home. Instead of being a loyal paid sitter who was trusted to care for the elderly lady, he instead reportedly took advantage of her to obtain bank cards and steal more than $5,000 from her bank account.

Brumfield was jailed on August 29 on the theft charge and released the following day after posting bond in the amount of $8,500.

Sheriff Seal stated, “It is hard to find words to adequately describe someone who steals from an elderly victim who is depending on that person for assistance. Such an act greatly exceeds the bounds of decency. I am pleased he was arrested and I hope the judicial system will deal with him appropriately.”

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