August 10, 2018

Crime Spree Lands Bogalusa Man in Jail

Around daybreak On August 9th, the Bogalusa Police Department's Patrol Shift "A" investigated 3 separate crimes that led to the arrest of Frank Cangelosi II (31) of Bogalusa.

At 5:46 AM, the BPD received a call from a victim on Cypress Street who was awakend by the sound of glass breakage. The victim found a broken window in another bedroom of her home. BPD officers arrived but the suspect had already fled the area. A shoe print, believed to be the suspect's, was observed on a broken piece of glass from a jalousie type window.

At 6:30 AM BPD received a call about several vehicle burglaries in the parking lot of Resthaven Living Center on Harrison Street. A witness took a photograph of the suspect with a cell phone. A BPD officer recognized the suspect in the photograph as Cangelosi.

At 8:42 AM BPD received a call from the Manager at Travis' Supermarket located on Derbigney Street about damage to the cold drink machines outside the store. The manager also stated on August 8th he observed someone tampering with the drink machines and recognized the person to be Frank Cangelosi. The manager also stated that the crime was recorded on the store's video surveillance system.

Officers located Cangelosi sitting on a porch of a residence on Monroe Street. A bag containing suspected burglary tools were located on the ground next to the porch. Cangelosi was arressted at that time. At the jail, a BPD officer noticed the shoes Cangelosi was wearing matched the shoe print found on the glass from the Cypress Street burglary.

Cangelosi was charged with Simple Burglary of an Inhabited Dwelling, Simple Burglary (3 counts),  Attempted Burglary (2 counts), Possession of Burglary Tools and 3 counts of Criminal damage to Property (3 counts).

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