July 18, 2018

Will the City of Bogalusa Continue Governing Itself?

At the invitation of Mayor Wendy Perrette, representatives from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office spoke to the Bogalusa Council Tuesday (July 17, 2018). Bradley Cryer, Assistant Legislative Auditor and Director of Local Government Audit Services, informed the Council of the very real possibility that the City would be placed under a fiscal administrator. 

Cryer said the City is not the worst city in Louisiana with regard to repeat audit findings; it is the second worst. The City is in the category of being financial unstable and, therefore, subject to financial administration.

What would this mean? The City would lose State of Louisiana funding, personnel and services would be cut, the mayor and council would be removed from decision-making positions by a judge, and an appointed fiscal administrator would come in to make all decisions.

At issue is not the City's operational budget or management by the current administration. As revealed by Auditor Robert Neilson, the City is operating in the black, with more revenue than expenses. And, some $400,000 in expenditures were cut in 2017. The problems are issues that date back many years, issues that the Mayor advises she needs cooperation from the Council to address. Getting the facts from the Office of the LLA and being given a deadline to act may indeed spur action.

The City has until September 30, 2018 to provide a firm corrective action plan.

Re City of Bogalusa Fiscal Crisis July 17 2018 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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