July 25, 2018

Franklinton Mayor and Aldermen Hear Complaints

Appearing before the Franklinton Board of Aldermen Tuesday evening (July 24, 2018) were Ricky Magee, Russ Wood, and Frankie Crosby, each of whom reviewed problems in the Town that need resolution.

Magee outlined problems with the maintenance in and appearance of the Town of Franklinton. He presented pictures to show neglect at City Hall and elsewhere and that impacted the appearance of the Town and that created liabilities for the Town.

Crosby addressed issues with blighted property (an issue he also addressed at the last meeting), the need for street signs, and the need to clean drains.

Wood detailed deficiences in training, equipping, standards, and certifications at the Franklinton Fire Department that impact firefighter safety, public safety, and Town liability.

To their credit, the board heard out the speakers, asked questions, responded, and indicated that action will be taken.

See what they had to say below and watch the full meeting on our Government Meetings page.

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