June 13, 2018

Washington Parish Jail Staff Intercepts Contraband

Alert Washington Parish Jail officers foiled a plot on Monday (June 11, 2018) to introduce meth and tobacco into the Washington Parish Jail. While searching items which had been brought to the jail for an inmate, officers discovered a significant quantity of meth and smoking tobacco concealed inside the sole of a pair of slippers. 
Kristie Omega Lewis (34) of Franklinton was charged with possession with intent to distribute Schedule 2 drugs and introduction of contraband into a penal institute. Lewis has been in the jail six times since 2007 on various charges.

Also arrested was current inmate Tremale Deonta Jenkins (26) of Franklinton, who was charged with conspiracy to possess a narcotic and introduction of contraband into a penal institute. Jenkins has been in jail since May 26, 2018 on the charge of First Degree Aggravated Rape and Failure to Appear. This is the sixth time Jenkins has been in jail since 2010 on various charges.
Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “Congratulations to our outstanding jail staff for another job well done. Attempts to introduce contraband are a constant problem, but our jail staff is always on the alert for contraband and any other form of deception. Jail officers are the unsung heroes of the criminal justice system. They must constantly manage the most dysfunctional persons in our parish, persons who don’t follow rules and have little or no respect for authority. I am so pleased to have each member of our jail staff working for the Sheriff’s Office.”

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