June 06, 2018

State Representative White To Donate Pay

State Representative (District 75) Malinda White of Bogalusa has reacted to the failure of the second special legislative session (that ended Monday in a partison gridlock) to reach a compromise to fully fund the budget. Now a third special session is needed to avoid a complete government shutdown before July 1.
What would a shutdown mean? White suggests it would result in “a complete pause in every state service, removing state police from the roads, shutting state prisons without a plan for housing inmates, and shuttering emergency response agencies just as Hurricane season begins.”
But the cost to taxpayers for these special sessions is $60,000 a day. "I've to tried forego my paycheck for the per diem but the rules just won't allow that. So, I'm pledging to donate my pay -- about $1,500 over a 10-day session -- to a worthy cause in District 75.

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