April 13, 2018

Parent Threatened Another Parent With Firearm

Tyronne Causey (32) of Slidell was arrested after he threatened another parent with a handgun while
they were waiting to pick up students at Cypress Cove Elementary School shortly before 4:00 p.m. On Thursday, April 12, 2018.
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s deputies were called and the school was briefly placed on lockdown as a safety precaution.
Causey was booked on the charges of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm in a Firearm-Free Zone.

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  1. I am innocent.I did not assault that man. This man try to use his car as a weapon he try to hit us twice.Then he pulle on the side of me and my wife and start yelling and cussing at my wife.Then he gets out the car that's when I put my hand gun and put it in my lap. Then he calls the police on me because I want to protect my wife and myself. This is the world we live in.