April 11, 2018

Our Opinion: They Do More Than We Credit Them For

Residents in one area of Washington Parish were threatened with being stranded when St. Tammany Parish planned to close the bridge connecting them with the outside world. They had no other way to get in and out. The bridge is near Sun and St. Tammany was unwilling to fund the needed repairs. What made it even worse is that the residents had been paying taxes to St. Tammany for eighty years.
Washington Parish President Richard Thomas and the Parish Council stepped in and are now repairing St. Tammany's bridge in order to assist those parish residents. Now they can not only get in and out of their property, but can also have services from ambulances, school buses, fire trucks, and law enforcement.
Most of us never consider all that our parish government does for us. This includes litter cleanup, replacing stolen road signs, maintaining roadways, responding to residents' questions and need for assistance, responding during weather emergencies, keeping us advised of weather alerts, and assisting residents in elevating their homes. Plus, consider how we benefit from the parish landfill, the fire districts, gas districts, water districts, libraries, and much more.
Of course, taxpayer money makes everything possible. And wise management of taxpayer money has resulted in Washington Parish Government being debt-free and in a stable financial position. This puts Washington Parish in a unique position among Louisiana parishes. 
As Parish President Richard Thomas said, “We are trying to make things better for the people of Washington Parish” and Councilman Mike Fussell said, “The safety, health, and welfare of our citizens – we are responsible for that”. 

Click here to watch video of the entire April 9th meeting

Some Things You Should Know from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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