March 16, 2018

“Bad Water” Issues and More at Franklinton Aldermen Meeting

The Franklinton Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday evening (March 13, 2018) saw the Mayor and Aldermen divided on two items of new business.
The first was the introduction of an ordinance amending the Town's current ordinance dealing with alcoholic beverages. Mayor Dillon prevailed in delaying the introduction of the ordinance, even though two Aldermen pointed out that the item was an introduction only (discussion and vote occurring at the next scheduled meeting). His reasons for the delay was the importance of the issues, the need for more time to review the proposed ordinance, and the need for all of the aldermen to be able to provide input and to vote. (Alderman Heath Spears was absent)
The second new business item on the agenda was a resolution authorizing Mayor Richard Dillon to sign a servitude agreement with Mile Branch Investments, Inc. to provide water and sewage service. Over the objections of Mayor Dillon, the Aldermen prevailed in tabling consideration of the resolution, citing the need for time to review the proposal.
Resident Johnny Green addressed the Board with questions regarding water quality. He, and apparently others, have experienced discolored water and described how “you can't see your feet in the bathtub”. A discussion was held regarding the cause and possible solutions. 

Also on March 13, WWLTV's Ashley Rodrigue reported on similar issues in Tangipahoa and St. Tammany parishes. Read about it by clicking here.

Franklinton Council 03132018 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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