February 03, 2018

Armed Robbery in Bogalusa Under Investigation

The Bogalusa Police Department is investigating an armed robbery that occurred January 30, 2018 at 7:28 PM. The male victim (27) of Bogalusa stated that he was driving his vehicle and had stopped for a stop sign at the intersection of Harrison and Villery Streets. A black male approached his vehicle, tapped on the passenger side window, and asked for a lighter. Another black male approached the vehicle with an handgun and demanded money. The first suspect then reached into the vehicle and took a
laptop computer bag. The two suspects fled on foot heading west on Villery Street.
Patrol Officers searched the area for the two suspects but failed to located them.
The computer bag consisted of a Mac Book laptop computer, rare collectible cards, company ledger, occupational license, journal and $400.00 cash.
This incident is currently under investigation by the BPD Detective Division.
Anyone with information about the suspects in this incident, call the Bogalusa Police Department at 985-732-3611. 

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