January 11, 2018

Arrest Made in Robbery of Bogalusa Fireworks Stand

On December 31, 2017, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a robbery of a fireworks stand in Bogalusa. Based on eyewitness accounts, Latrevious Lucas (18) of Bogalusa was identified as the suspect. Lucas reportedly turned off the electricity to the fireworks stand by tripping the breaker located behind the stand. He then jumped over the counter and attempted to grab the money box. The box was attached to the shelf by screws, so Lucas then took the cash from the money box, jumped back over the counter, and ran in the direction of Avenue L. A warrant was issued for Simple Robbery and Lucas was arrested and booked into the Washington Parish Jail on January 8, 2018.
Lucas previously plead guilty to three (3) counts of simple burglary and two (2) counts of theft between $750-$5,000 and was placed on probation for five (5) years. Lucas remains in the Washington Parish Jail on a probation violation hold.
Sheriff Randy Seal said, “This is a case of a repeat offender. Lucas was given mercy with a probated sentence. Instead of taking advantage of this opportunity, he chose to squander it and continue a life of crime. I am reminded of a quote from an old Greek play, 'All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong.' Unfortunately this young man didn’t yield and now must face the severe consequences of his actions.”

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