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December 06, 2017

WP Council Replaces Brent King on RMC Board

The Washington Parish Council voted Monday evening (December 4, 2017) to replace Brent King as a Riverside Medical Center Commissioner, following the recommendation of the Council's Personnel Committee, and voted to appoint Dr. William A. Ferrante to the position.
The vote followed input from James Caleb Martin, Chris McClelland, Kenneth Seal, James T. Thomas, and Brent King. The Council heard comments that King was being “railroaded”, that there was “no reason for King to be removed”, that King “has done a fine job”, that King “has done his level best”, and that replacing King was an “injustice”. Councilman Mike Fussell voted against and all other Councilmen voted for the resolution to appoint King's replacement.
In addition to routine business, the Council voted to reappoint Tammy Magruder to the RMC board and voted to appoint Cynthia August to replace Violet Tate on the RMC board.
President Richard Thomas provided a report to the Council that included his announcement of the resignation of Public Works Director Leo Luchessi, Finance Director Donna Graham provided a report, and Donnell Merrit provided his report on road work performed in the parish.
Click here to watch video of the meeting in its entirety.

WP Council Replaces Brent King on RMC Board from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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