November 08, 2017

The Litter Problem in Washington Parish

Litter is cigarette butts, baby diapers, soda cans, coffee cups, beer bottles, plastic bags, empty deer corn bags, and so much more. Litter is dirty, ugly, costly, and can be dangerous.
A Message From Washington Parish Government
"As you all know, litter is a problem in Washington Parish. Here is some information that you may not know.
Washington Parish Government has a four man crew employed by Parish Government to specifically pick up litter on parish roads. This crew alone picked up 218 bags of litter off the parish roads in two weeks time.
Our landfill supervisor has gone into the schools with a program talking about littering and what the children can do to help stop the littering problem. Unfortunately, it is a daily problem that as a parish, we all should do our part. You ask what you can do? Take time in your neighborhoods and communities to do what you can to remove the litter, form groups in your community and neighborhoods to do a Litter Watch, be aware of those who litter and report them to the Sheriff's Department. We all can do something to help.
As you travel the roads in Washington Parish, you will see the parish van, crew and trailer with logo of Washington Parish Government doing what they can do to remove the litter. I say again: a problem throughout Washington Parish.
Let's all be a part of the solution not the problem. Do what you can to help stop the littering."

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