November 24, 2017

Bogalusa Council Hears About Events, Issues, & More

At last evening's (November 21, 2017) meeting of the Bogalusa City Council, Mayor Wendy Perrette addressed the Council and the audience (beginning at 1:11:10 into video of the meeting) and spoke well of the working relationship with Bogalusa City Schools Superintendent Lisa Tanner, reminded all of the Christmas Parade on Thursday (November 23rd), remarked on the recent Young Adult Retreat sponsored by the Bogalusa Police Department, and encouraged all to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 25th.
Department Heads Louis Busby and Landon Tims provided reports on the Airport, Public Works, and Parks and Recreation. Busby provided updates on grants that continue to upgrade the airport. Tims' report included information on the progress in demolishing condemned structures in the City, street repairs with the assistance of the Parish and DOTD, he thanked the Council for passing a resolution that makes possible the cleaning up of Bogalusa Creek, and announced the replacing of the Poplas Recreation roof and various other work being peformed.
An issue regarding activities for seniors at the Senior Center was discussed. Council woman Kates initiated the discussion by suggesting there was a lack of program activities for persons at the Center, that the Center was inadequately funded, and that language in the ordinance providing funding was not as approved by the voters. Kates introduced a resolution to correct language in the ordinance. While expressing support for the Senior Center but needing time to review the issue, a Council majority voted to table the resolution.
The Council also heard a presentation by Charlotte Champagne with United Way and heard a very positive presentation from Lisa Tanner, Superintendent of the Bogalusa School System. The Council also heard from residents with input on various issues and concerns. 

Bogalusa Council 11212017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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