October 13, 2017

Washington Parish Fair Parade Route Information

The lineup for all parade entries (except for marching bands and dance groups) will be at the Eastgate Shopping Center, at 9:30 am. All streets on the parade route will be closed and floats will be brought onto Washington Street. This change will also mean there will be new and additional street closures.
At 9:00 am, all Westbound traffic will be diverted off Hwy. 10 onto Section line Rd. (High School Road) and  traffic coming onto Washington St. from Woods Rd. will be directed to Section Line Rd.
The parade will still start at 10:00 am and travel its traditional route from the intersection of 15th Ave. and Washington St. (First Finance). Once the route is closed, there will be no vehicle traffic allowed on the route. If there is an emergency on the route, contact an officer and emergency services will be contacted.

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