October 15, 2017

Statewide Election Results

In a statewide election for Treasurer, John Schroder (REP) with 24% and Derrick Edwards (DEM) with 31% are headed for a runoff on November 18, 2017. Other candidates for Treasurer received the following vote percentages:  Angele Davis (REP) 22%, Terry Hughes (REP) 3%, Joseph Little (LBT) 2%, Neil Riser (REP) 18%. John Schroder garnered 40% of the vote in Washington Parish, 35% in Tangipahoa Parish, and 52% in St. Tammany Parish. Derrick Edward received 20% of the vote in Washington Parish, 21% in Tangipahoa Parish, and 17% in St. Tammany.
Also in a statewide referendum, all three Constitutional Amendments have been approved by the voters. Constitutional Amendment 1: Exemption of property taxes for construction sites passed with 66%, Constitutional Amendment 2: Homestead exemption for unmarried surviving spouse passed with 67%, and Constitutional Amendment 3: Dedicate any new taxes (gas) into the Construction Subfund with 53%. 

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