October 28, 2017

St. Tammany Parish Grand Jury Indictments for Murders and Rape

In addition to St. Tammany grand jury indictments previously announced (see separate article) of former St. Tammany deputies Kenneth Szalajeski and Jordan Anthony Hollenbeck, District Attorney Warren Montgomery has announced three other indictments returned by the St. Tammany grand jury on October 26, 2017. They are of a 17-year-old for killing his stepfather, a Pearl River man for second degree murder, and a Lacombe man for rape and burglary.
Daniel T. Hamilton (17) of Ragley, Louisiana is accused of the second degree murder of his stepfather, James K. Hamilton at the victim's Covington home between March 4 and March 7 of 2016. He is also accused of soliciting another person on September 1, 2017, to kill two people. 
Joseph Adam Thibodeaux, III (25) of Pearl River is accused of killing Douglas James Evans, Jr., in an incident on or about July 30, 2017. Thibodeaux also is accused of assaulting a household member with a knife in the presence of a minor, who was 13 years or younger at the time.
Ronald Douglas Moore, Jr. (25) of Lacombe is accused of entering a home on Monroe Street in Mandeville without authorization and raping a woman there between August 4, 2017, and August 5, 2017.

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