October 24, 2017

Owl's Well That Ends Well! - A Happy Ending

This is not a play by Shakespeare, but it is a story with a happy ending.
During the recent Washington Parish Fair, concerned citizens found an injured owl in a parking lot at the fairgrounds and brought it to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office command post. Detective Demmie Rice took custody of the owl and made contact with the Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society of Louisiana which in turn referred her to the Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary in Livingston Parish.
Detective Rice talked with Leslie Lattimore of Wings of Hope who agreed to take the owl and provide necessary care and treatment. Detective Rice then transported the injured owl and turned it over to Ms. Lattimore.
“This was our first owl rescue,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “I am so grateful to the good folks who found it and brought it to us so we could locate a good rescue habitat. The Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society of Louisiana has always been a good partner in dealing with animal issues and we are now pleased to welcome a new partner, Wings of Hope. I am delighted this ended well.”

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