October 07, 2017

Big Drug Bust Made in Bogalusa

Agents with the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force and the DEA executed a search warrant in Bogalusa Monday (October 2, 2017) that yielded heroin, promethazine, hydrocodone, suboxone, xanax, marijuana, four handguns, a large amount of ammunition, body armor, digital scales and $1,086 in United States currency.
Arrested on multiple charges were Darius J. Dobson (23) of Bogalusa and Markus Kortez Mark (22) of Angie. 
“Neither one of these fellows deserves to roam free in society,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “Judging by the cache of drugs, weapons and ammunition they possessed, it seems obvious they had devious plans in mind. They certainly were not on their way to Sunday School. Our officers and the DEA agents did a great job in arresting them and preventing future crimes. I am so pleased with the excellent working relationship our narcotics officers have with DEA. They are a valuable resource to us and we appreciate all that they do.”

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