August 03, 2017

Deputy and Suspect Injured Near Foxworth, Ms.

A deputy and suspect was injured early Wednesday (August 2, 2017) as the Marion County Sheriff's Office was conducting a safety checkpoint at the intersection of Highways 586 and 587 in the Foxworth community. 
According to the sheriff, Stephen Kitchens drove up to the checkpoint and was asked to step out of the vehicle after he could not produce a valid license. Kitchens refused, and fled from the scene. He was stopped at the intersection of Highway 98 West and Highway 35 South a short time later.
Kitchen, who was armed with a knife, was tased following a physical altercation. Kitchens then struck a deputy with his vehicle in an attempt to flee. Another deputy then fired shots at Kitchens and struck him in the leg. Kitchens again fled but was again stopped and taken into custody. 
The deputy received medical treatment for his leg and released from the hospital. 
Kitchens was transported to Forrest General Hospital where he is listed as stable with non-life threatening injuries. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, no driver's license, and possession of paraphernalia.

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