August 08, 2017

Bogalusa: A Traffic Stop – Drugs Found – Escape Attempted

Source: Bogalusa Police Department Press Release
Following a traffic stop at Shenandoah and Cumberland Streets on Saturday (August 5, 2017), Bogalusa Police Department officers observed the driver, identified as Benjamin Caldwell (31) of Bush, stumbling and swaying when he exited the vehicle. Officers conducted a pat down on Caldwell's clothing for weapons and located two used syringes in Caldwell's pants pocket. He gave consent to search the vehicle and there officers located suspected crack cocaine, nine pills identified as Alprazolam 2mg (also known as Xanax bars), and another used syringe.
After he was arrested and placed in the rear seat of the police unit, Caldwell kicked out the rear door glass in an attempt to escape. Caldwell had the upper portion of his body out of the window when the officers got back to the police unit. Officer placed Caldwell back into the police unit and transported him to the Bogalusa City Jail. Caldwell had seven days left before finishing his parole.
Caldwell was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Xanax, Criminal Damage to Property,  Simple Escape. Possession of Cocaine, Expired License Plate, Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker, Second Offense of Driving While Intoxicated, and Parole Hold

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