August 23, 2017

Bogalusa Teens Arrested for Angie Burglary

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office responded Tuesday (August 22, 2017) to a report of firearms stolen during a residential burglary on Powerline Road in Angie. As detectives were investigating the matter, Patrol Sgt. Anthony Jones made a routine traffic stop which led to information about the burglary and the individuals involved.
Following up on the leads, officers were able to identify William Brumfield (17) and   Timothy Rester (17) as the two burglars. They also identified Brittany Ard (18) as an accessory to the crime. All three were arrested and placed in the Washington Parish Jail.
It was determined that the theft of numerous firearms occurred after Brumfield and Rester had visited the Powerline Road residence. Detective Damon Mitchell tracked the firearms to a buyer in Meridian, Mississippi. Mitchell requests that any persons who might have purchased firearms or other property from any of the three arrested suspects notify him at (985) 661-2021, ext. 2054.

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