July 13, 2017

Franklinton Water Billing and Draining Woes Continue

Franklinton homeowner Dr. Kendrick Stewart came before the Franklinton Board of Aldermen Tuesday (July 11, 2017) to address continuing exorbitant water service billing and ongoing flooding problems due to the Town's lack of drainage maintenance. (Beginning 1:22:09 into video of the meeting below)
After having water service disconnected and locked by the Town, Stewart was still billed $329.00. In the recent past, bills normally ranged between $62 and $72. Stewart advised of other residents billed similarly. Another resident in the audience advised of related issues. Mayor Dillon assured Stewart and those in the audience that the issues would be investigated.
Ashley Rodrigue with WWLTV (Click Here
) reported June 29, 2017 of instances of over-billing and related issues.
Stewart also related that the flooding of his home was attributable to the fault of the Town's drainage maintenance and caused $65,000 damage. Other homes near Stewart's were also damaged for the same reason. Upgrading the Town's drainage system is currently underway and a report was provided at the meeting by Jay Pittman of Spangler Engineering.
In other business, the Board approved a permit for a Mobile Snowball Stand, tabled a Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation to re-subdivide a lot in the Industrial Park, approved two Alcohol Permit Renewals, introduced an ordinance in furtherance of C. D. Enterprise purchase of property in the Industrial Park, approved the Planning and Zoning Commission's recommendation to re-subdivide a parcel of property, and heard from Robin Cook Perez (see separate article).

Franklinton Council 07112017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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