July 13, 2017

Franklinton Edgewood Park Street Problems Remain Unresolved

Robin Cook Perez, a homeowner in Franklinton's Edgewood Park Subdivision, came before the Franklinton Board of Aldermen July 11, 2017 to request the Town of Franklinton repair the streets in the subdivision that had long been ignored. (See the video below) She came prepared. Perez reviewed the history of the problem, related that previous efforts failed to resolve the problem, and described how bad the streets are. The clay streets are so bad that vehicles become stuck, people become stranded and school buses and ambulances cannot travel the streets. Residents in the audience confirmed and added to her remarks. 
However, Perez received no assurances that the streets would be fixed. Instead, the Mayor and Aldermen expressed sympathy for the homeowners but repeatedly said there was nothing they could do.
The problem lies primarily in the fact that the Town does not own the streets and cannot perform work on privately-owned property. Developer Mark Newman apparently sold the properties, giving the homeowners easements but retaining title to the streets. Apparently, the intention was that the developer would build the streets to an acceptable standard and transfer ownership of the streets to the Town. It never happened. And building the streets to an acceptable standard will be very expensive.  
In the lengthy discussion of the matter, Perez reminded the Board of their responsibility to enforce terms of agreements and permits issued to the developer and that homeowners have been taxed by the Town for eight years for road maintenance.

Edgewood Park Subdivision Issue 07112017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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