January 23, 2017

Thief Arrested in Bogalusa

Washington Parish deputies responded to he theft of a purse from a vehicle at a business on Highway 21 in the Bogalusa area yesterday (January 10) and received a description of a suspicious female in the area who was looking in vehicles.  Deputies observed a female matching the description but she fled. When she emerged from her hiding place, the female returned to her residence where deputies were waiting. 
Kasey E. Woodard (25) was taken into custody and admitted taking the purse and other items from the vehicle. She consented to a search of her residence. Inside, deputies found the victim’s wallet, identification and credit card. All items were returned to the victim.
Woodard was charged with Vehicle Burglary and Probation Violation.
“Another thief taken off of our streets,” said Sheriff Randy Seal. “Our deputies did their usual good job and I cannot brag on them enough. There is only one place suitable for a thief and that is the Washington Parish Jail.”

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