January 27, 2017

Bogalusa Council Has Productive Council Meeting

The Bogalusa City Council handled routine matters at their Tuesday (January 17) meeting, voted to approve two ordinances related to the airport, introduced an ordinance to approve a revenue-anticipation note (Public Hearing on February 7), and held a Public Hearing on and voted to approve an ordinance closing the cemeteries from dusk to dawn (whose purpose is primarily to prevent or reduce vandalism).
The Council heard from several residents (beginning 28:25 into the video) with legitimate concerns. One, however, was told he was out of order for verbally attacking Police Chief Bullen (beginning 40:00 into the video).
Mayor Perrette updated the Council (beginning 21:40 into the video) on various repairs being made, that Arbor Day will be at Cassidy Park on Saturday (January 21), that trees are being planted at the park, that work was done by the Jr. ROTC at the cemetery, that improvements made at Ponemah Cemetery was made possible by a private donation, on the use of revenue-anticipation funds, that water project work improvements will soon begin in Richardsontown, that the City has received no money from FEMA yet for reconstruction of the playground in the park, that changes will be made to water billing, and the Senior Citizens Building re-opening will be March 11.

Bogalusa Council 01172017 from Mt. Hermon Web-TV on Vimeo.

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