January 30, 2017

Accused Pair of Drug Dealers Arrested in Mt. Hermon

Rachel Rebecca Boucher (37) and Michael Perry (42), living in a camper trailer in the Mt. Hermon community, were arrested on January 24 by the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force. After receiving information from a concerned citizen, Detectives set up surveillance, and followed the two when they left the residence.  The driver commit traffic offenses and the vehicle was stopped.  
After advising the driver why she was being pulled over, a detective asked Perry for identification and he was unable to provide any. A knife and a cigarette pack containing several marijuana roach cigarettes and a small amount of methamphetamine was found on Perry. A vehicle search revealed a small flashlight containing morphine pills, bags of methamphetamine, and a glass pipe with methamphetamine residue. A search of the camper trailer at 24257 Jim Edwards Road yeilded a plastic container with additional methamphetamine, digital scales, needles and baggies matching the type found in the vehicle.
Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal is pleased with the arrests. “I am sick and tired of drug dealers operating in Washington Parish and I am so pleased our fine detectives were able to put these two in jail. Mt. Hermon is a peaceful community and residents there do not deserve to have drug dealers living in their midst. I promised the people of Washington Parish that we will go after drug dealers and that is exactly what we are doing now and will be doing in days to come. Be assured, more arrests are coming.”

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