November 08, 2018

Local Leaders Join Forces to Address Addiction Problems

An array of Washington Parish leaders met Wednesday (November 7, 2018) to formalize a commitment to address the growing addiction problem in the parish that has seen overdoses and deaths. Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal, Boglusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen, and Franklinton Police Chief Olander Smith formally agreed to participate in Operation Angel, a program that has  seen tremendous success in neighboring St. Tammany Parish. Former Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz, who is responsible for introducing the program in St. Tammany Parish, was present. Lentz found out about Operation Angel from Leonard Campanello, the police chief in Gloucester, Massachusetts, who launched the program in 2015.

In support of this commitment and also present for the meeting were Senator Beth Mizell, District Attorney Warren Montgomery, Richard Kramer with Florida Parishes Human Services, Pastor Caleb Martin, Pastor Joey Miller (not pictured), Bobby Smith and Bob Kyger (not pictured) who offer faith based programs locally. .

This program allows those who want to get help for their addiction the opportunity to walk into a police department, ask for and receive help, without fear of arrest. Instead of being arrested, he or she will be brought to a Lacombe ranch that is operated by the New Orleans Mission, which provides round-the-clock treatment for people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

If you or a family member is in need of help for addictions, call or stop by the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office, the Franklinton Police Department, or the Bogalusa Police Department. Don't wait until it is too late!

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